Anika poses in front of a lake on a sunny day, wearing a beige hijab and matching top.

Carissa poses for a headshot, smiling.

Megan poses for a headshot in a blue sweater on the beach.
Photo Credit: Jensen Bell

The cast of The Wilds poses on a rock with intense looks on their faces.
The main cast of The Wilds. Credit: Matt Klitscher/Amazon Studios

Alex Lilly poses outside on a fall day.
Photo Credit: Aimee Nguyen Photography

A headshot of Chelsea Scott.

Nikki Federkeil poses with her stethoscope.

Protest sign reading “RBG.”

Tay Jacobe

Founder of ZillennialWomen, a blog about young women who are doing the work now to become the leaders of the future. Follow @zillennialwomen on instagram!

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